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Lunch and Dinner Menus 

Dinner Menu

(available from 6pm Fri, Sat, Sun and Monday) 

Cheese and Garlic Focaccia Melt $8

All Entrees $15

Chicken and Ham Arancini

Crumbed orbs of risotto filled with chicken, ham, mozzarella is served on a small lettuce salad and drizzled with an herbed aioli

Salt and Pepper Calamari  

Tender calamari strips are coated in our gourmet Salt and Pepper creation then stacked upon a crisp bed of greens and served with a caper and lemon mayonnaise (gf)

Seafood Crepe

Succulent Prawns, Calamari and Local Trumpeter are bound in a deliciously seasoned Mornay sauce then rolled

Into a delicate soft French crepe and a petite salad side

The “Hilli Goat” Cheese Soufflé   

Local Hilli Goat Cheese straight from the farm is souffléd with a complimenting parmesan then served on lettuce leaves and topped with a mild mustard

glaze and focaccia toasts (gf no toasts)

Hilli Salad

Combination of seasonal vegetables with olives and crumbled feta with a honey mustard dressing (gf)

All Main Courses $35

Anson Vegetable Coconut Curry

A fresh compilation of local vegetables simmered in a mild coconut curry accompanied with a golden rice cake , crispy pappadam and

a dollop of mango chutney

(All following dishes are served with fresh mash and locally grown seasonal vegetables)

Bomboras Fish

Pan seared locally caught Trumpeter (Sweep Lip) nestled upon mash and surrounded by a champagne lemon beurre blanc and ketjap manis

(sticky sweet soy) drizzle (gf no manis)

Wahine Chicken Breast

Tender Chicken Breast is filled with ricotta cheese, sundried tomatoes, Ham and pine nuts then oven baked and accompanied with a mild

mustard infused sauce (gf)

Kingston Pork

Slowly roasted pork belly complimented with a reduced port wine and plum sauce and topped with a crispy crackling garnish (gf)

Lone Pine Filet Mignon

Tender Beef Eye Filet wrapped in smokey bacon then cooked to your liking and served with sauce béarnaise and a balsamic reduction (gf)

All Desserts $15

Liquid Dessert


Frangelico , Baileys , Kahlua and Cream are shaken over ice

then and served in a cocktail glass with Chocolate and Honey (gf)

Baked Lemon Tart

Delicate lemon curd set upon a crumbly biscuit base and served with Vanilla Ice Cream

Baileys Créme Bruleé

A smooth and delicious Baileys crème bruleé served with biscotti fingers and homemade honeycomb crumble garnish and Vanilla Ice Cream (gf)

Sticky Date Pudding

A rich sticky date pudding served warm with homemade caramel sauce chopped nuts and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream


Three scoops of Vanilla ice cream topped with housemade honeycomb crumble sided with a hot shot of espresso coffee and Salvadori Biscuit (gf)

Lunch Menu

(available from 12 noon, Fri, Sat, Sun and Mondays) 

Garlic and Parmesan Focaccia $7

Golden toasted focaccia with a light Parmesan melt

Norfolk Farmers Vegetarian Salad  $17

An arrangement of crisp local greens tossed in the chef’s house made honey mustard dressing with olives and semi dried tomatoes (gf)

Crispy Chicken Salad with Aioli $19 Asian Glazed Prawn Salad  $23

Both Salads placed upon a mix of Norfolk Island’s fresh greens (prawn gf)

House made dusted Salt and Pepper calamari strips $21

Tender strips of calamari are lightly dusted in our chef’s gourmet blended spices then topped upon a generous local salad and dressed with a mild caper aioli (gf)

Seafood Crepe  $23

A combination of succulent prawns, local caught trumpeter and calamari bound in a creamy Mornay sauce, then rolled in a single soft French crepe served with fresh local salad and chips

Norfolk Trumpeter  $23

Batesy’s Red throat Emperor Fillets are Pan Seared then lightly sauced with a lemon butter jus salad and chips (gf)

Beer Battered Trumpeter $23

Batter is made to order and fried to golden with a mild caper aioli and accompanied with salad and chips

Café’ de Paris Sirloin  $25

Tender local sirloin cooked to your liking topped with the famous French traditionally made café’de Paris butter and accompanied with a Hilli garden salad and fries (gf)

Fully Loaded Steak Burger  $22

Succulent and tasty Grilled Steak , caramelized onion with bacon and cheddar cheese melt and burger salad on a crisped bun with a smoked BBQ sause and hot chips

Golden Crusted Chicken Burger  $22

Golden crusted succulent chicken breast, topped with smoky bacon and melted Cheddar cheese with a local salad mix upon a toasted bun complemented with a zesty fresh shallot mayonnaise and served with fries

Side Chips $7.00 Side Salad  $8 (gf)